Dr Sonia Barreto (DDM, BMedSc, MPH) was educated at Javeriana University in Colombia, one of the premier dental faculties in South America.

Sonia has practiced in both private and public in Colombia and in Australia. Sonia performs a wide variety of general dental procedures but has special interest in restorative and aesthetic dentistry.

Sonia’s approach to dentistry is marked by a holistic approach that emphasises the general wellbeing of the patient. This view of dental practice is further enhanced by the Master of Public Health that Sonia obtained from the University of Melbourne. Sonia believes that good dental health is a significant factor in a person’s overall well-being, therefore dental treatment not only responds to the immediate dental problem but also contributes to the patient’s general health and well-being. This philosophy characterises Sonia’s practice of dentistry.

Away from dentistry, Dr Sonia Barreto enjoys singing, playing guitar and dancing.

Professional dentist Dr Sonia Barreto - Chic Dental. Preston, Victoria. Melbourne.