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We speak your language
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At Chic Dental, we are committed to providing high-quality dental care for all ages. Our extensive array of treatments focuses on preventive measures to maintain oral health, highlighting the importance of our general dentistry services for every patient.


At Chic Dental, we are committed to providing high-quality dental care for all ages. Our extensive array of treatments focuses on preventive measures to maintain oral health, highlighting the importance of our general dentistry services for every patient.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure designed to address problems in the innermost part of the tooth, the pulp, which can become infected due to decay, trauma, or disease. This treatment is crucial for saving a tooth that might otherwise require extraction.

The Necessity for Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is typically recommended when there is evidence of deep decay or an infection that has reached the pulp of the tooth. Key symptoms suggesting the need for a root canal include intense pain, persistent temperature sensitivity, tooth discolouration, and swollen gums in the area. The treatment focuses on easing pain and rejuvenating the tooth's health and functionality.

Diagnostic Steps

The process begins with thorough dental appointments where the dentist assesses symptoms and may take X-rays to evaluate the extent of the infection. This diagnostic phase is crucial to plan the precise approach needed for the root canal treatment, ensuring the entire infection is addressed.

Detailed Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

  • Preparation and Anaesthesia. Effective pain management is integral to the root canal process, starting with local anaesthesia to numb the affected area. This ensures that the patient is comfortable and stress-free during the procedure.
  • Accessing the Pulp. The dentist will then access the pulp of the tooth by drilling a small opening in the crown. This access point allows the dental professional to reach the infected or inflamed pulp to remove it.
  • Cleaning and Shaping. With specialised tools, the dentist cleans out the decayed and infected pulp from the canals. During this stage, the canals are meticulously cleaned and shaped to prepare them for filling. Disinfectants may be used intermittently to flush out debris and bacteria, preventing further infection.
  • Sealing the Tooth. Following an extensive cleaning and shaping phase, the canals are then filled and sealed with gutta-percha to ensure biocompatibility. It's crucial to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the root canals. A temporary filling is applied to the tooth, protecting it until the next appointment.

Restoring the Tooth Structure

A tooth after a root canal treatment often needs further restoration to ensure its functionality and appearance. This typically involves placing a crown over the tooth to reinforce its structure and prevent fracture, as the tooth can become brittle after the procedure.

Post-Procedure Care and Follow-Up

Post-treatment care is critical for recovery. Patients might experience mild discomfort or sensitivity immediately following the procedure, which generally subsides with appropriate care and medications. Adhering to good oral hygiene practices is vital during recovery. Regular follow-ups with the dentist ensure that the tooth heals properly and remains healthy.

This comprehensive approach not only treats the immediate problem but also protects the tooth's future health, helping maintain optimal oral health and functionality.

Teeth whitening is a transformative procedure within cosmetic dentistry that enhances the appearance of teeth by reducing discolouration and stains. This treatment can be administered through several methods, each designed to cater to different needs and lifestyles.

The Appeal of Teeth Whitening

Many individuals seek teeth whitening to counteract the effects of ageing, dietary habits, or external factors that have discoloured their teeth. Regular consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco, and certain foods can lead to visible staining. Teeth whitening helps to restore the natural colour of the teeth or achieve even lighter shades, thereby enhancing one’s smile and boosting self-esteem.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedures

Professional whitening performed by dental professionals is the most reliable form of teeth whitening, offering safe and immediate results. The process is meticulously performed in a dental clinic and involves several key steps:

  • Comprehensive Dental Assessment. Before the procedure, a dentist conducts a thorough examination of the patient's teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy and to determine the suitability for the whitening treatment. This assessment is crucial to customise the treatment to the patient’s specific dental profile.
  • Protection and Preparation. To protect the gums and the inner regions of the mouth from the strong bleaching agents, a protective barrier is applied. This step is essential to focus the treatment solely on the teeth and prevent any potential tissue irritation.
  • Application of the Whitening Agent. A highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel is carefully applied to the teeth. This gel is much stronger than any whitening products available for home use. The dentist meticulously controls the application to ensure even coverage and optimal results.
  • Activation Process. In many cases, the effectiveness of the whitening agent is enhanced through the use of a specialised light or laser. This light activates the peroxide, accelerating the breakdown process and allowing for deeper penetration of the whitening agent into the tooth enamel.

Home Whitening Options

For those who prefer a more gradual approach or wish to maintain their whitening results, home whitening kits prescribed by dental professionals are an excellent option. These kits include:

  • Customised Whitening Trays. Patients receive trays that are custom-fitted to their teeth, made from impressions taken during a dental visit. These trays ensure that the whitening gel is evenly distributed across the teeth.
  • Application of Whitening Gel. The gel used at home is less concentrated than the in-office gel but is designed for safe and extended use. Patients apply the gel into the trays and wear them for prescribed times, typically ranging from 30 minutes to overnight, depending on the formulation.

Care and Maintenance After Whitening

Post-whitening care is vital to maintain the results of the treatment. Patients are advised to avoid foods and drinks that stain, follow a rigorous dental hygiene regimen, and attend regular dental check-ups. These practices help extend the life of the whitening results and ensure continued dental health.

Orthodontic treatment is highly beneficial as it corrects misalignments and irregularities of the teeth and jaw, which can improve oral function and overall dental health. By aligning the teeth properly, it also facilitates easier cleaning, potentially reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Aesthetically, it enhances the appearance of one's smile, boosting confidence and self-esteem. Overall, orthodontics is a worthwhile investment for both functional and cosmetic improvements. For optimal results, it's essential to consult with a trained and experienced dentist. Northcote residents can find expert orthodontic care at our dental clinic.