New Patients Promotion Fitzroy

New Patients Promotion

  • 1 Hour appointment
  • Dental Checkup
  • Intraoral X-rays
  • Extraoral X-rays (OPG)
  • Scale & Clean
  • Intraoral and extraoral photographs
  • Application of Fluoride
Book a Free Consultation Fitzroy

Book a Free Consultation

  • Dental Implants
  • Clear Aligners
  • Veneers
  • Braces
Teeth Whitening Promotion Fitzroy

Teeth Whitening Promotion

  • In-chair teeth whitening
  • Take-home custom-fitted trays
  • Takes 60-90 minutes
  • Results can be seen immediately
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Welcome to Chic Dental – Your Ideal Dentist Near Fitzroy

Our clinic offers comprehensive dental services, from routine checkups to advanced treatments like dental implants and precise root canal procedures.

At Chic Dental, your dental health is our top priority. We customise our treatments to nurture and highlight your smile’s natural brilliance.

We use the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques backed by the expertise of our accomplished dental professionals.

Professional Dental Clinic

A dental clinic near Fitzroy offering professional services at affordable prices.

Discover customised dental solutions designed to meet your unique oral health requirements. Our dedication to precision and empathy guarantees top-quality service in a friendly atmosphere.

Our team is committed to dental health excellence, ensuring every visit enhances the natural radiance of your smile. 

From routine check-ups to complex procedures and cosmetic enhancements, we are here to support your dental health journey.

We speak your language!

Our friendly team aims to make every patient feel at home and understood during their appointment. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Hazaragi and Urdu to ensure that you are well-informed, and enjoy a stress-free, comfortable dental visit!

We speak your language
Sleep Dentistry Options

Sleep Dentistry Options Offered

We offer several sleep dentistry options to help you get the treatment you need. Our friendly team has over 15 years of experience in helping anxious patients regain a healthy, happy smile!


Discover outstanding dental care at Chic Dental, your reliable and experienced dentist near Fitzroy. We are experts in cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, and comprehensive oral health services for families and individuals. Elevate your smile by reaching out to us today!


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Cosmetic dentistry treatments improve the looks of your smile, enhancing the shape, colour, and alignment of teeth. These treatments include teeth whitening, dental veneers, porcelain veneers, and dental crowns. By customising each procedure to your facial features and preferences, cosmetic dentistry can help you get a confident smile with a natural appearance.

Dental emergencies include severe tooth pain, knocked-out teeth, broken fillings, or oral injuries. Such situations require immediate attention from an emergency dentist. If you face a dental emergency, seek emergency dental services quickly to alleviate pain and prevent complications. For knocked-out teeth, keep the tooth moist and see a dentist immediately.

Cosmetic dentistry provides Fitzroy residents with treatments like teeth whitening, dental veneers, porcelain veneers, and crowns to address specific cosmetic concerns. Whether you're dealing with discolouration, chipped teeth, or gaps, cosmetic dentistry can rejuvenate your smile while maintaining oral health.

Porcelain veneers are lean shells of dental ceramic applied to the front surface of teeth to correct flaws like chips, stains, or gaps. They are stain-resistant and offer a durable, long-lasting solution. Their natural appearance makes them ideal for restoring the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental veneers, often crafted from porcelain or composite resin, cover the front surface of teeth to mask imperfections like gaps, discolouration, and uneven shapes. They are custom-crafted to ensure a perfect fit and offer a natural appearance that aligns with the rest of your teeth. Veneers are an appreciated cosmetic dentistry treatment due to their ability to transform smiles quickly.

Dental crowns are used to mask and protect a weak tooth that has been deteriorated by decay, injury, or large fillings. They fully encase the tooth to restore its shape, size, and strength, preventing further deterioration. Crowns can be combined with other dental treatments like root canals or implants.

Teeth whitening is a famous cosmetic dental treatment that removes stains and discolouration from the surface of teeth, resulting in a brighter smile. Professional teeth whitening, done under a dentist's supervision, provides quicker and more consistent results than over-the-counter products. Most people require touch-ups every 6-12 months, depending on their oral care habits and diet.

Health funds can significantly reduce out-of-pocket costs for dental treatments. They often cover some or all preventive care costs, fillings, extractions, crowns, and cosmetic treatments. It's essential to check with your health fund to understand what services are covered and to what extent.