Our dentists in Preston use safe and effective methods customised to your unique needs, ensuring you get the desired results.

Our aim at Chic Dental isn’t just to provide treatments; it’s about creating a warm, friendly environment where you feel at ease. With a team that genuinely cares, we invite you to make the first step towards a bright, beaming smile!

Teeth whitening gives you more than a brighter smile it allows you to:

  • Regain self-confidence with a brighter smile
  • Get rid of persistent stains and discolouration
  • Enhance your appearance for social and professional events
  • Improve overall dental aesthetics noticeably
  • Motivate regular oral hygiene habits
  • Enjoy a youthful and rejuvenated appearance


A common concern associated with tooth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Some individuals may experience temporary sensitivity post-treatment. This happens when the bleaching agent penetrates the outer enamel, irritating the nerve of the tooth. However, professional whitening often includes measures to minimise this discomfort, and any sensitivity typically subsides in a few days.

Teeth whitening is generally safe when conducted correctly and under the guidance of a professional. The active ingredients in whitening products are designed to brighten the teeth without causing harm. It's essential to follow the product's instructions and seek advice from a dentist, particularly if considering a stronger, professional-grade treatment. Using approved products and ensuring that the whitening gel doesn't come into prolonged contact with the gums will further ensure safety.