Wisdom teeth removal

wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are the back teeth in your mouth. They usually come out (erupt) at late teens years or early twenties. (17 to 25 years of age). For some people they can fully erupt causing no issues. However, for others it can cause problems.  

The reasons why wisdom teeth can cause trouble are mainly because they don’t have room in your mouth and grow in a problematic way. As they are far back in your mouth, they are difficult to clean and maintain. This can cause tooth decay and gum infection (Pericoronitis). The lack of room can cause impaction of these teeth. This can lead to the formation of dental cysts.

Your orthodontist can also ask for removal of these teeth. This can help to make space for the movement of other teeth.

Most of wisdom teeth can be extracted in the dental chair. However, some complex cases might require referral to an oral surgeon. The difficulty in removing wisdom teeth is determined by the dentist.

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