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Chic Dental  helps you regain your confidence and smile as well as to explore the best solution to restore your daily function such as eating and speaking. Chic Dental offers a range of solutions to replace teeth according to your personal requirements.  Dentures do not only help you with aesthetics but also restore function.

There are two main types of removable dentures: Full dentures and Partial dentures.

Full dentures

Are used when all of the teeth in one jaw are missing. These dentures are made from plastic.

Partial dentures

Are made when there are missing teeth, but other teeth remain. The denture replaces only the teeth that are missing. These dentures can be made from plastic, metal or a combination of both. They usually have little metal clasps which grip on the natural teeth to hold the denture in place. It is important for your remaining teeth to be in good health, to support the part denture.

The first visit will involve your dentist evaluating your gums and bone structure to work out if dentures are the best option for you. The dentist will then make impressions of your mouth and bite to inform the development of the final set of dentures. The dentist will determine how your jaws relate to one another and the spaces between them by taking a bite registration.

Over a few appointments (2 to 4), your dentures will be adjusted depending on factors such as their fit, colour and shape until they serve their intended function.

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